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Conclusions so far:

The conclusions so far are:

GPU tests:

Highly CPU dependent.
Rhino mainly uses a single core for this so in simple terms: "the higher GHz the better."  A fast Dual Core can be better than a slower Quad Core.

CPU and GPU dependent.
Handling Nurbs is a slow task, so Rhino is not feeding the faster GPU's to their limits. Thus slower cards can perform as well as faster cards in real life scenarios.

Drawing many double sided meshes are limited by nVidia Geforce cards, so Quadros, which are unlimited, are faster. AMD's Radeon do not have this limit.

CPU tests:
Many of Rhino's commands are not optimized for multicore use, so a Dual Core with a higher GHz out performs a Quad Core of lower GHz since Rhino mainly only uses up to two cores. Tasks like reducemesh and calculate technical displaymode uses multiple cores and will perform better on a quad core than on a dual core.

Intel i7 is the best perfromer and the equivalent Xeons are about just as fast.


The CPU plays a mayjor role in every test as a slow cpu will be a bottle neck for the GPU tests even if you have a fast GPU.