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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are pro graphic cards better than gaming cards?

A: Yes and No. Pro cards focus on stability and massive data handling, while Gaming cards focus on speed for games with lots of effects. But Rhino is not optimized for pro cards, unless you work with large mesh data, so many gaming cards will work almost just as well as the pro cards.


Q: Do you recommend nVidia or AMD?

A: AMD has a long history of having troublesome OpenGL support in their drivers, and nVidia has a long history of having good drivers. My personal preference is nVidia due to this.


Q: Will overclocking improve my scores?

A: Yes, most likely, as Rhino relies on a fast core. This will affect the GPU scores as well.

I do not recommend overclocking as it is likely that the system becomes less stable, thus causing more time loss than time gan.


Q: Will Holomark be ported to Mac?

A: No, the plugin uses so many windows specific tools, and I don't know anything about programming for Mac, so it will not.


Q: Are the scores comparable for a mac system?

A: Yes, if you find a system with comparable hardware, then you could expect similar results.