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Holomark 2, the GPU and CPU benchmark for Rhino 5

Holomark2 is a bench mark for Rhino 5 that runs multiple GPU and CPU tests on your computer, clocking the time it takes to complete spesific tasks, calculates a score and gathers vital system information.

Holomark2 is now released!

Holomark2 runs 21 GPU test and 9 CPU test.

GPU: Loads 5 display modes and a 3D Mini Morris (car model) and test wireframe, shaded, rendered and illustrated speed.
It also stresstests the system to see how many units it can handle before dropping below 15 fps.
It tests Nurbs, Block of Nurbs, Meshed objects and joined large mesh.
Finally a 2D test and a 2D stresstest is done.

CPU: Boolean difference multiple objects, UDT twist etc, Meshing and calculation of illustrated mode.

It is all packed in a Rhino Plugin Installer and installs the 3D files run the tests. The display modes will be reinstalled at each run to make sure the scores are comparable.

Close Rhino before installing, then open Rhino and type Holomark2 in the commandline to run the test.

Please copy the score and mail it to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it